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Photo exhibition - photos2change


The photo exhibition deals with various socio-critical topics with the aim of giving them a space, counteracting discrimination and giving those affected a sense of belonging. 

It will be open from 14.05. to 16.05. in Ilmenau in the C-Keller.

Flyer mit Infos wo und wann die Ausstellung statt findet

14. May

🥂 On 14.05. the vernissage of the exhibition will take place in the bc student café from 15:30. Admission is free for all visitors.

15. May

☕ The exhibition can be visited on 15.05. at the usual café opening from 12:00 to 14:00 in the bc-Studentencafé.

16. May

☕ The exhibition can be visited on 16.05. at the usual café opening from 12:00 to 14:00 in the bc-Studentencafé.

🎶 From 21:00 the afterparty of the exhibition will take place at BD CLUB.

There will be shown again excerpts of the exhibition and cocktails created especially for the exhibition will be served. For the background music, Lisa will be on stage at the beginning and afterwards a DJ from the BH Club and the DJs BÖRS and Tabby will play.

Admission: reduced 50 ct, otherwise 1 euro


Admission to the vernissage begins at 15:30 with a champagne reception.
At 16:00 we start with a welcome speech and the presentation of the organization for the fundraiser.
During the next hours you can have a look at the exhibition, attend a small cultural program and get something to eat and drink.

In addition to the photographs and short texts, you can scan a QR code for each topic, which will take you to the website for that topic. There you will find the full interviews, more info on the topic and more images.
The exhibition will also be immersive and interactive. You have the opportunity to get involved, try things out and put yourself in different situations.

The photos and texts of individual topics are partly explicit and not suitable for every:n.
However, these are specially shielded and provided with a trigger warning. So you can specifically avoid individual topics and still look at other topics.

Trigger warnings:
– sexual violence
– drug use
– depression
– s**cide and s*elf-ha*m
– eating disorder
– blood
– racist violence
– queer hostility
– scars
– nudity
– ableism

If you’re not sure if any topics might trigger you or you’d still like to look at them, take a trusted person with you.

The afterparty starts at 21:00 in the BD Club with a live act by the artist Lisa. Afterwards the DJs BOERS (House) and Tabby (Techno) will play.

Happy Hour runs from 9pm to 10pm and there will be a fundraising cocktail/mocktail created by the BD Club especially for this event.

There will also be a few more pictures from the exhibition. The selection will not include pictures with triggers.

The BD CLUB is much more than just a venue and a place for exuberant celebrations. We aim to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and express our appreciation for the contents of the exhibition. For this reason, we donate one Euro for every “WEISSER RING” cocktail or mocktail sold to the organization of the same name, which tirelessly supports victims of crime and violence.

You can find out more about the organisation here: